Congrats! Drupal 8 Released!

After long years of labor on behalf of the Drupal community, Drupal 8 has been finally released!

Drupal 8 is built upon a better architecture, having Symfony as it's basis, and has tons of improvements in different areas, such as:

  • Content Editing - in-place editing.
  • Caching - more flixible and powerful selective caching.
  • Architecture - pluggable OOP-friendly architecture.
  • Theming - more powerful and themer-friendly theme layer based on Twig templating engine.
  • More recent and cool front end and back end libraries.
  • More of the commonly used modules in core.
  • Good out-of the box support for the modern trends, such as responsive design, headless (REST) support, and HTML5 / CCS3 friendliness.
  • Improved thorough localization support.
  • Configuration export/import support.
  • And much-much more!