Drupal 7.39 VS Drupal 8 RC1 Performance

To be fair: Reasonable critique of this article's approach is listed in the end of the article.

After Wim Leer's article on the Drupal 8 enhanced cache, I decided to run a performance test comparing Drupal 7.39 and the new Drupal 8 RC1 performance. I had high hopes. However, the results for Drupal 8 are still not good. For anonymous users, Drupal 7 beats Drupal 8 as much as 3 times still. For logged in users, Drupal 7 beats drupal 8 as much as 2 times. The chart and the table present requests per second.

Testing was performed on an Ubuntu machine running Apache, PHP 5.6.4, and MariaDB, with a 4 core CPU and 16GB of RAM. This hardware is different from my previous tests, and thus, should not be compared to the previous tests I published. The tests were conducted with ab, 1000 requests with concurrency of 20, warm cache and opcache. Tests were conducted with and without content. With content, 50 test nodes were added, with 10 displayed on the front page.

An update (29 Oct 2015): More detailed testing on the Drupal 8 performance by the Redyhost team: https://www.redy.host/blog/making-drupal-8-fly

Critique of this article's approach (from comments):

  • This article targets a use case with multiple (20) requests per second, which is not characteristic for small businesses.
  • For an actual user, Drupal 8 will not look slower, because it handles rendering better.
  • For other use cases, like, for logged in users, where Drupal 7's cache will need to be disabled, Drupal 8's cache, able to handle logged in users, will change the picture dramatically.

The chart and the table present requests per second.