Drupalcamp Berlin

Drupalcamp Berlin is over! It has run in Berlin, on 15-16 November, 2014. Lots of things to be happy about:

  • Glad to have met the team of the Drupal agency arocom, with which I work remotely. Enjoyed the time, and the opportunity to know the people better. A good team, fun to be a part of on a human level!
  • Was proud to see so many Ukrainian devs at the conference, with solid knowledge of the subject. Mostly, they were a part of the Propeople group, a multinational company. But still very proud to see Drupal being a right choice for a good amount of my compatriots.
  • Have flown 4 airplanes in total, which helped me combat my fear of heights. Ate lots of cookies, drank lots of free soda, ate lots of free pears, listened to tons of good suggestions and practices. Had some good time, in the other words.

I am thankful to Arocom for having a big portion of my expenses in this DrupalCamp covered!