Drupal's Market Share in the Light of it being Enterprise Software

Some time ago, I published an article, http://alexrayu.com/blog/drupal-8-enterprise-software. In it, I tried to explain, why Drupal 8 is an enterprise grade software, based on a number of parameters. I have heard some agreement and disagreement from colleagues since then. Now, I must admit, that i have seen a lot of work in Drupal community, aimed at bridging the learning curve, trying to make Drupal 8 easier to use. Aside from that, I still hear lots and lots of complaints about Drupal 8's complexity from some of my colleagues. My own observation, is that currently, a Drupal 8 site takes me up to 1.25 to 1.5 more time to develop than a Drupal 7 site. However, there is another argument that I wanted to bring in - statistical argument. What would we expect from a CMS that went "enterprise"? We would expect the rise of complexity and development expenses, leading to it being dropped by the smaller companies, while it's benefits would lead to it being adopted more by the top, larger web sites. Something like rising in usage in the top 100k sites and falling down with the rest of the Internet meanwhile. Now what do you know? Look at the recent Builtwith CMS Trands. Now, in the light of that, shall we make more predictions? What do ya say?