My first Drupal 8 site is live!

My first Drupal 8 site is live! This site was built for FFW Bulgaria, and is a migration from Drupal 6. This was also my first project with FFW Bulgaria.

One interesting observation that I had while working on this site was how Drupal 8 handles languages. Knowing English much better than I do Danish, I set the site to English while I created views, some taxonomy terms, and blocks, that did not get migrated out of the box. Later, when I switched to Danish to test the site, I saw that some blocks, terms, and content was not showing. The ones that I created in the English interface! I double checked that the language switchers were all set to Danish. Then, I discovered, that the terms, the blocks, the revisions, and even some fields had 'En' in them in the database records, despite me setting the language switcher in the given nodes to 'Da'. Without having content translation enabled (and I did not need it), I actually ended up correcting these settings in the database. It appears, that if your site only has one language, without translations, and that language is not English, you should create/edit content when the site is switched to that language. Because if you will install English, edit/create content, and then remove English, you may have your content inaccessible like I did.