A New Study: HHVM beats PHP7, and Drupal 8 beats Wordpress 5x in Performance.

You might have seen me write before, that Drupal 8 is about 3x times faster that the Wordpress. Now, there has been a new study, oriented mainly on HHVM VS PHP7 performance, which has proven what was already known: PHP7 is still somewhat slower than HHVM, even though it is times faster than PHP 5.6. The study compared different CMS performance under both HHVM and PHP7 on the same server. Thus, we can use the results to compare the CMS between each other. If you read the results, you will see, that Drupal 8 is about 5x times faster than the Wordpress. I take it as an additional proof that my observations of Drupal 8 performance as being at least 3x better than that of Wordpress is true. Source of the new study: https://kinsta.com/blog/the-definitive-php-7-final-version-hhvm-benchmark/