SiteHound Drupal available for download

After a long time of preparation and tuning, SiteHound has been made available for free download. At the same page, services can be purchased - including installation and customization. To honor the original Drupal's GNU GPL license, the package is shipped free under the same license.

Due to the fact that SiteHound is rather imported that installed, there is no installation page currently. Below is the content of the SiteHound readme file, shipped in the distribution archive:

SiteHound is a ready-made Drupal site, developed and packaged
by Striderlance. This installation is shipped under the GPL license.

This version of SiteHound is beta 7.0.95


Development version does not have an installer. If you install the clean
version from install.php, you will have a clean Drupal site.

To install SiteHound, you should follow these steps:

1. Copy the content of the "sitehound" folder into the appropriate
server folder. This file and sitehound.mysql file should not be copied
to the server.

2. Open PHPMyAdmin on your site, and create an empty database and a user
for it.

3. Import sitehound.mysql file into the database.

4. Open settings.php file in /sites/default/ folder, and insert your
database username, database name, and password into corresponding
lines 8, 9, 10. Change the web server address on line 11 if it differs
from 'localhost'.

If everything has been correct, you should now be able to navigate to
your imported web site.

Installation of SiteHound should not be hard. However, should you
encounter difficulties, feel free to order installation
(and customization, if required) at


SiteHound comes with a chosen set of modules. Do not update them unless
you are an expert. Updates can break the way modules interact.

Use SiteHound authorized updates to update the core and modules.


SiteHound comes free and of no guarantee. Still, you can have support
and SiteHound - related services ordered from Striderlance:


Your feedback is welcome at