SiteHound Drupal Distro Updated to 2.0

SiteHound Drupal Distro has been updated to version 7.2. In this release, core and modules have been updated. A few modules have been removed, and a few more added.

SiteHound Drupal is a 'turnkey' distribution, that comes with a pre-package database import file, and is aimed at coming up with a most common set of modules and settings, that would unwrap a generic Drupal site easily.

Full changelog below:

1. Updates.
- Updated core to 7.22.
- Updated modules.
- Update Zen base theme.

2. Cleanup.
- Set Seven as admin theme.
- Removed Tao and Rubik themes. Removed Variable, Context and Features.
- Disabled Overlay, Dashboard, Shortcut, XML Sitemap.

3. Added.
- Added APC module (disabled by default).
- Added BeansTag module.
- Added Honeypot module.
- Added Module Filter module.