drupal commerce

American Civil War Museum

Commerce shop, faceted search, shop styling.

American Civil War Museum is a large southern museum dedicated to the Civil War. It spreads across three different locations, and covers the memorable events that took place in these parts during the war. The site was designed by the ACWM team, and it was implemented by the InDigiMar team. My part of was was doing the Commerce shop, installing the faceted search, theming the products, and adjusting the shop menu to serve facets. Work was conducted under severe time stress, which the InDigiMar team handled very well.

Haero Carbon

Multiple fixes, brought the site closer to Drupal standards.

Hero-Carbon is one of the leaders of custom lightweight carbon parts for bikes. Owners turned to the Drupal agency arocom.de in Stuttgart with the request to bring the site up to date, correct some problems, and increase the SEO conversion rate. It was at this point that we discovered, that the site has been built with serious violations of Drupal standards, including a strongly misused template system with business logic and even content hard-coded into it.

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