Kopenhagen Municipality City Renewal Portal

Financial form auto-calculations. Financial form values to CSV export.

Copenhagen Municipality City Renewal Portal was one of the most complex sites that I have ever worked with. Built half a decade ago and maintained my FFW Bulgaria, this website is a portal, where Kopenhagen city renovation projects are monitored. Each project has a workflow, estimated and evaluated, and moves across the stages, from application to completion. In the course of the workflow, the applicant and the caseworker interact in editing the details and approving the changes.

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Baker Funeral Home

Back end, front end, server setup

Baker Funeral is one of the best Drupal 8 web sites that we have built at InDigiMar. A funeral home web site, that publishes obituaries. It was this project that showed us that Drupal 8 is ready for complex and feature-rich web sites.

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