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Theming, Module Writing, Front End

With the grid blog layout gaining certain popularity, I was asked to reproduce this layout for the Volacci blog as well. The task was somewhat complicated by the fact, that the site is responsive, and the height of titles in some cases varies. The solution was built with views and the "infinite scroll".

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Alexander Bornyakov's Election Site

theming, building

Alexander Bornyakov is running for the parliamentary seat in the 2012's Ukraine elections. The task was to theme it and build the site that includes blog and news sections, from a Photoshop design. The site was built on Drupal.

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Clean Economies

theming, building, module developing

Clean Economies is a community of people interested in creating a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future. Their blog, forums and events socialize potential solutions for
the world's most challenging issues.

Task was carried out through AdaptiveThemes.

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