front end, back end, solr, seo, ajax

YogaTrail is a successful international startup, a yoga listing provider. A result of work of a tea of good developers, yogatrail site relies heavily on Apache Solr for fast result search and delivery. The startup also has a cross-platform mobile app running on AJAX api that the site provides. My work on the site included Back End APIs, AJAX, Solr, and SEO, as well as some Front End work. YogaTrail belongs and is maintained by Buzzwoo, and I was "leased" to them as a helping hand from the Drupal agency arocom.

Hospitality Insight Success Group

design, theming, building, programming

A known set of hotels in Stuttgart area. This project was the first with me as a part of Drupal agency arocom team. A tricky part was that this is a responsive design with animated background, and it also has collapsible interface, that makes the background image available for viewing.

Portfolio types: Blog Grid Layout

Theming, Module Writing, Front End

With the grid blog layout gaining certain popularity, I was asked to reproduce this layout for the Volacci blog as well. The task was somewhat complicated by the fact, that the site is responsive, and the height of titles in some cases varies. The solution was built with views and the "infinite scroll".

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Community Tech Website

upgrade to Drupal7, theming, building, module writing

Project carried for Volacci. Community Tech (CTK) contacted Volacci to have the site upgraded to Drupal 7, to have a new design converted to theme and applied, and to carry out some internal site modifications. The beautiful design and subsequent theme modification was created and carried out by Matthew Bacon (CTK).

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Dwell Magazine Website

migration, building, front end development

Dwell is a design magazine. As a developer working for PingV, I took part in migration of Dwell from Clickability to Drupal 7. While for the PingV team as a whole, the process involved everything, from redesign to launch, my part was migration scripts, troubleshooting, bugfixes, and some front end development.

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Iconnect Online

theming, building, development, maintenance

Iconnect Online is a Dutch educational organization, specializing in organizing schools for education, agriculture, and business in Africa. Website was designed and built with AdaptiveThemes, and later, passed to Striderlance directly.

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