14 Jul 2012

After a long time of preparation and tuning, SiteHound has been made available for free download. At the same page, services can be purchased - including installation and customization. To honor the original Drupal's GNU GPL license, the package is shipped free under the same license.

Due to the fact that SiteHound is rather imported that installed, there is no installation page currently. Below is the content of the SiteHound readme file, shipped in the distribution archive:

SiteHound is a ready-made Drupal site, developed and packaged

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7 Jun 2012

SiteHound Alpha 1 has been made live. From now on, you can monitor the progress of this pre-packaged Drupal distribution on a live site. Feel free to contact me to share your ideas, questions, and suggestions.

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19 May 2012

Sitehound Drupal is aiming to be as out-of the box as it can. Hence, it was my choice to add support for the Drupal's Color module (and SASS). There are currently 6 ready color variants in SiteHound standard theme, the default being the gray one. These color variants can be chosen in the theme settings section. This is also where a custom color set can be created with the Color module graphic interface.

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18 May 2012

About a few years ago, I had worked on a pre-configured Drupal site, that can be used as a template for building client web sites. Now, I decided to revisit that idea with Drupal 7. Drupal has a steep learning curve, and comes with a need to have it configured before it can be used. WYSIWYG installed, content types added, image fields, galleries, layouts for pages.

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23 Feb 2012

Have you noticed those search results from Google that end up having images, description, and even rating with them? Well, that is Google Rich Snippets declared with microdata - a good way to specify to your search engine what the item is, and what are its properties.

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4 Feb 2012

Using the Color module is easy - thought I could not understand how I can map colors to classes and id's . Which, I can't - you simply declare default colors, the themes colors, tell which css file to use, and then the Color module overrides default colors with counterparts throughout the whole theme. Good for recolorable themes.

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8 Dec 2011

As a result of work at TangoDemon's milongas and events system, we have come up with a practical layout. We made a module based on the faceconn's library, that integrates Facebook's stream publish seamlessly.

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29 May 2011

Quickstart has finally reached version 1.0. What is it Quickstart? Quickstart is basically a VM (virtual machine) image, that can be downloaded and imported into vmware or virtualbox. Quickstart image has on it:

  • Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySQL, APC, XDebug, IMAP, UploadProgress
  • Firefox (with developer plugins) and Chrome
  • Drush - an acclaimed command-line remote Drupal mangement tool
  • Apache Solr
  • Netbeans and Eclipse - two great development IDEs
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16 Apr 2011

Drupal Association Individual MemberI have decided to become a member to Drupal Association. Taking to consideration that I currently am the sole face of Striderlance, I decided to make it an Individual Membership. Why? Because it's cool to have that logo on your web site. It's like a stamp, that makes your site almost official. In reality, this just means that I made a donation. So let's just say it's a way of me saying "Thank you" to Drupal community.

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8 Jan 2011

Drupal 7 is now the active Drupal version. Most popular modules have already been issued Drupal 7 versions. What are top 5 changes about Drupal 7?

  1. Drupal 7 has a better and smarter installer.
  2. Drupal 7 has improved speed. Core functionality has been rewritten, especially at the MySQL layer level, to provide faster and less resource-hungry platform.
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