4 Feb 2012

Using the Color module is easy - thought I could not understand how I can map colors to classes and id's . Which, I can't - you simply declare default colors, the themes colors, tell which css file to use, and then the Color module overrides default colors with counterparts throughout the whole theme. Good for recolorable themes.

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7 Dec 2011

As a result of work at TangoDemon's milongas and events system, we have come up with a practical layout. We made a module based on the faceconn's library, that integrates Facebook's stream publish seamlessly.

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29 May 2011

Quickstart has finally reached version 1.0. What is it Quickstart? Quickstart is basically a VM (virtual machine) image, that can be downloaded and imported into vmware or virtualbox. Quickstart image has on it:

  • Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySQL, APC, XDebug, IMAP, UploadProgress
  • Firefox (with developer plugins) and Chrome
  • Drush - an acclaimed command-line remote Drupal mangement tool
  • Apache Solr
  • Netbeans and Eclipse - two great development IDEs
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16 Apr 2011

Drupal Association Individual MemberI have decided to become a member to Drupal Association. Taking to consideration that I currently am the sole face of Striderlance, I decided to make it an Individual Membership. Why? Because it's cool to have that logo on your web site. It's like a stamp, that makes your site almost official. In reality, this just means that I made a donation. So let's just say it's a way of me saying "Thank you" to Drupal community.

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8 Jan 2011

Drupal 7 is now the active Drupal version. Most popular modules have already been issued Drupal 7 versions. What are top 5 changes about Drupal 7?

  1. Drupal 7 has a better and smarter installer.
  2. Drupal 7 has improved speed. Core functionality has been rewritten, especially at the MySQL layer level, to provide faster and less resource-hungry platform.
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11 Nov 2010

As of November 11, 2010, we have a downloads section. In it, we will post themes, image items, theme add-ons, and modules for free. The first item, Sadmin theme interface addon, which allows you to add style to otherwise blank Drupal admin elements, has already been added.

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9 Nov 2010

PowWeb has restored full Drupal support recently. As I indicated in July, the 7th blog post, the cross-site requests had been blocked by PowWeb to fight automated attacks that use the same technology. That had caused for the Drupal's automated update script to be broken and unable to fetch updates. Now, the problem has been rectified by PowWeb (why, it has not even been half a year since!)

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25 Jul 2010

Due to the first request on Drupal.org that raised a serious issue of web security, it became timely to start a new section of the Striderlance site - the Help section. This section on the web site will be used to provide helpful information and help to clients and guests as for how to manage their Drupal web sites.

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7 Jul 2010

As a result of recent (and silent) changes of PowWeb policy, Drupal is no longer supported fully. The changes affect queries the system makes to remote servers. As a result, the automatic update check of Drupal core and modules becomes broken. After cron runs, and error "Unable to fetch any information about available updates" appears, which will no doubt irritate clients and site visitors.

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13 Jun 2010

The web site is almost there. This is what will be added next:
1. Blogs - styled to provide news to striderlance clients.
2. Help Area - help area to provide video tutorials.
3. Downloads - an area with free downloads that have accumulated from the long time of working with Drupal.
4. Workflow. A final step that will allow project and ticket management for logged in clients.

At that points we will switch to Superfish menu, which will presumably by that time be compatible with Drupal 6.17.

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