Sites are tools. Value is what matters.

In my early web design days, designers widely user Photoshop, which was the most powerful tool at that time. But it it's power was it's problem - you could easily design something that looked awesome but could not be coded. This gave rise to a new set of tools, first of which was FireWorks, and that finally led to tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD.
Making Drupal into a technological marvel has cost it losing the lower segment of community, it's "soft underbelly", and Drupal has steadily been bleeding market share ever since. That is why WordPress is growing in market share, and Drupal is dropping. Here's why.
There are 3 aspects that make Drupal 8 more robust than WordPress code-wise: selective loading, quality, and caching. Generally the object-oriented code (OOP) is slower than the functional code, and having more code is slower than having less code. Drupal 8 has way more code than WordPress and it's OOP. So why did Drupal 8 beat WordPress by average 20% during my tests? Here's why.

Latest Project

Car Dealership Sample Design

This is a car dealership design sample, created when I reviewed the functionality of Figma design tool. The idea was not to create anything shiny or complex, but to see whether I would feel confident from trying to implement my design ideas with Figma. I did enjoy the tool, and plan to use it in my design practices. For some of the content, I reused slogans and titles from some of the existing Auto Dealership sites that we have at IDM.