13 Jul 2019

What Decoupled IS Good For

The "decoupled" agitation is slowly coming around. The time when web agencies sold to their clients expensive but less functional sites, using the "cool" as an argument, is slowly coming to an end. Dozens of startups with "progressive new JS frameworks" have sprung up and then meteored down. What do we have in the end, besides the clients having to rebuild their websites based on a more traditional approach now? What are the lessons? Some thoughts:

  1. Headless and decoupled sites, explained.
  2. Web agencies should have been more honest, clients - more sober over the "headless" sites.
  3. Most likely, you do not need a "decoupled" web site.
  4. The proper use of the decoupled technology.
7 Sep 2018

When we Sell Drupal, we Sell Power

Drupal 8 has a steeper learning curve than some other popular CMS, but it is more powerful and flexible, better suited for powerful web sites.
22 Jul 2018

Drupal or not Drupal?

Some CMS are like Duplo - very easy but very limiting. Others are very flexible but you need to code a lot. Drupal is the golden middle.

Latest Project is the first of the seven websites coming for a Stuttgart publishing company. Required lots and lots of back end and front end work from us at Drupal agency team, especially in the areas of content import, third-party integration, and authoring experience provisions. At the level of scale and complexity, this has been the biggest I have handled so far, with thousands of files and articles. My work on this site has been mostly for import scripts and back end stuff, as a part of Drupal agency team.
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