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7 Sep 2018

When we Sell Drupal, we Sell Power

Drupal 8 has been dropping in it's market share for two years, but not it's drop seems to be smoothing out. I expect it to stop. Drupal 8 has been more complex thatn Drupal 7, but also more powerful. It has been made from a 200hp engine into a 400hp engine. You may want a 200hp engine in your car, and then you can choose something simpler and cheaper. But then, if you will want to use it for something more powerful, you would actually need to buy a new, more powerful car, and end up paying more.

To be or not to be
22 Jul 2018

Drupal or not Drupal?

Should I use Drupal for my website? Should I use Wordpress or Wix instead? Or, maybe, hire a team and build my site with NodeJS or Python and Django? This will address the technical complexity behind this question. The general rule of thumb is this: The more flexible the system is, the more work it will take to create something of it. Imagine Duplo vs Lego. Duplo is easier, with larger parts. It's easier and it's better suitable for kids, but if you want to make something advanced, you will find yourself too limited. Lego is much for flexible, but also much harder, you probably won't give it to a three-year-old. If you need a very custom thing and have enough money, you may 3d-print a thing for yourself, which is much harder than Lego, if you will also design it in a 3d editor. With web sites, the situation is roughly the same.
7 Lessons from Drupal Updates with Composer.
5 Apr 2018

7 Lessons from Drupal Updates with Composer.

While many of the facets of early Drupal 8 version have been optimized and chiseled out, updates remain a constant problem. I constantly read even from experienced developers, how they have conflicts and issues when trying to update the code base. Composer is a tool from outside of Drupal team's control, and having delegated management to it, Drupal has lost control over much of its update process complexity. THere has been a security release recently, that some called Drupalgeddon. Many web sites had to be updated ASAP.

Drupal 8 SPAM Protection with aSpambot
25 Mar 2018

Drupal 8 SPAM Protection with aSpambot

Sometimes when smart solutions don't help, and spammers shit all across your website, you can wish you had some hammer to just hit the problem hard. This is why I have written aSpambot. It hits the issue hard, and can be used to quickly put a halt to a flood of spam, and just give you time to find for a more delicate solution meanwhile. As of now, it has two function that I have found extremely useful: block the country by IP and check the IP against the AbuseIPDB database.

Vue is Beating React in 2018
22 Mar 2018

Vue is Beating React in 2018

I have been watching the struggle between Vue and React, and it now seems quite obvious to me that Vue will win. React started with a low start, as pushed by Facebook, while Vue started small and worked it's way to the top through much opposition. Vue is more complete (React is mostly a view functionality), simpler to learn, and faster (1.5x to 2x faster in most tests on the Internet). I have been cheering for Vue myself all this time, and glad that it now begins to gain the traction it deserves.

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