aApp Drupal 8 AJAX Application

Posted on 12 Mar 2018 by Oleksiy Raiu
aApp Example Overview
I always wanted to write some small framework for Drupal, that would allow me to easily create simple AJAX applications. Import content, perform this or that action without page reload, etc. Drupal already has AJAX support through form API, but that still keeps most of the work on the back end. I needed a tool to call back end only if I need to. At last, I met a project where this was needed, a contact search app built for arocom.de, the Drupal agency in Stuttgart. The app was then abstracted and made reusable, and I created a simple example module that shows its basic use. The app also has a prototype "mapper" - a proof of concept function that drills through various entities, including reference fields, to get the needed value from a map and an entity itself. The app ag Github: https://github.com/alexrayu/aapp