When we Sell Drupal, we Sell Power

Posted on 7 Sep 2018 by Oleksii Raiu
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Drupal 8 has been dropping in it's market share for two years, but not it's drop seems to be smoothing out. I expect it to stop. Drupal 8 has been more complex thatn Drupal 7, but also more powerful. It has been made from a 200hp engine into a 400hp engine. You may want a 200hp engine in your car, and then you can choose something simpler and cheaper. But then, if you will want to use it for something more powerful, you would actually need to buy a new, more powerful car, and end up paying more.

Drupal 8 will cost you more than a WordPress site, and more than Wix site. But if you need a powerful site with some complex data types that would not feel like a Smart Mini used to lay asphalt, then you may want to consider Drupal.

When we sell Drupal, we sell complexity and flexibility. Oh, Drupal 8 is finally catching up in terms of media management, UI, and that polish that the CMS can have after a few years of testing and polishing. But still, under it's hood, it's a beast whose main quality is power.