Car Dealership Sample Design

This is a car dealership design sample, created when I reviewed the functionality of Figma design tool. The idea was not to create anything shiny or complex, but to see whether I would feel confident from trying to implement my design ideas with Figma. I did enjoy the tool, and plan to use it in my design practices. For some of the content, I reused slogans and titles from some of the existing Auto Dealership sites that we have at IDM.


Diekaelte.de is the first of the seven websites coming for a Stuttgart publishing company. Required lots and lots of back end and front end work from us at arocom.de Drupal agency team, especially in the areas of content import, third-party integration, and authoring experience provisions. At the level of scale and complexity, this has been the biggest I have handled so far, with thousands of files and articles. My work on this site has been mostly for import scripts and back end stuff, as a part of arocom.de Drupal agency team.

Contact Search App

The search tool that searches for offices and contacts by a provided zip, and delivers results using AJAX. The solution was implemented using XHR, Query, and Underscore for templating.

JonBarron subscription form design

JonBarron.org is a health website. Working with Volacci on SEO and optimization, my task was, besides all else, to design and theme the existing subscription form, to look more attractive.

Hospitality Insight Success Group

A known set of hotels in Stuttgart area. This project was the first with me as a part of Drupal agency arocom team. A tricky part was that this is a responsive design with animated background, and it also has collapsible interface, that makes the background image available for viewing.


YogaTrail is a successful international startup, a yoga listing provider. A result of work of a tea of good developers, yogatrail site relies heavily on Apache Solr for fast result search and delivery. The startup also has a cross-platform mobile app running on AJAX api that the site provides. My work on the site included Back End APIs, AJAX, Solr, and SEO, as well as some Front End work. YogaTrail belongs and is maintained by Buzzwoo, and I was "leased" to them as a helping hand from the Drupal agency arocom.

Haero Carbon

Hero-Carbon is one of the leaders of custom lightweight carbon parts for bikes. Owners turned to the Drupal agency arocom.de in Stuttgart with the request to bring the site up to date, correct some problems, and increase the SEO conversion rate. It was at this point that we discovered, that the site has been built with serious violations of Drupal standards, including a strongly misused template system with business logic and even content hard-coded into it.

American Civil War Museum

American Civil War Museum is a large southern museum dedicated to the Civil War. It spreads across three different locations, and covers the memorable events that took place in these parts during the war. The site was designed by the ACWM team, and it was implemented by the InDigiMar team. My part of was was doing the Commerce shop, installing the faceted search, theming the products, and adjusting the shop menu to serve facets. Work was conducted under severe time stress, which the InDigiMar team handled very well.

Baker Funeral Home

Baker Funeral is one of the best Drupal 8 web sites that we have built at InDigiMar. A funeral home web site, that publishes obituaries. It was this project that showed us that Drupal 8 is ready for complex and feature-rich web sites. The work for me in this project included:
  • Web server (LEMP) setup.
  • Migration from CSV into Drupal 8.
  • Theming of the obituaries.
  • Search (Search API).
  • Custom PDF generating module using wkhtmltox.
  • Custom recent obituaries RSS feed module.


COBI Bike is a second released Drupal 8 site that I worked on, though it was the first one I contracted. It just took longer for it's complexity. COBI Bike is an innovative Stuttgart based German company, who create apps and devices that make bikes smart. The work was to take an existing static site, very reach and front end versatile, and architecture it into Drupal relevant patterns. There was lots and lots of work done, with the COBI's new front end developer Kerim Hadri joining in to take over the front end at the latter stages.