Kopenhagen Municipality City Renewal Portal

Copenhagen Municipality City Renewal Portal was one of the most complex sites that I have ever worked with. Built half a decade ago and maintained my FFW Bulgaria, this website is a portal, where Kopenhagen city renovation projects are monitored. Each project has a workflow, estimated and evaluated, and moves across the stages, from application to completion. In the course of the workflow, the applicant and the caseworker interact in editing the details and approving the changes.

My work was three-fold. I was brought as a freelance back end developer, to carry of mostly these tasks:

  • Help develop a new system of automatic forms computation for the financial forms, both back and and front end, via AJAX calls.
  • Provide export of the project values, some of which are computed, into CSV.
  • Various other smaller changes and bug fixes.

This project has been very satisfying for me, because I had to wrap my head across some very complex tasks, plan for the reuse and extensibility, work with some great developers and project managers from FFW, and learn a lot from them and from work.

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FFW Bulgaria