Drupal 8 has a steeper learning curve than some other popular CMS, but it is more powerful and flexible, better suited for powerful web sites.
Some CMS are like Duplo - very easy but very limiting. Others are very flexible but you need to code a lot. Drupal is the golden middle.
Sometimes, when you are beset by spammers, you need some fast and dirty solution - like, blocking a whole country or using an existing database of spam URLs to block a pesky spammer.
Developers seem to shout "React!" in their blog posts, because it sells better, but they secretly love Vue JS nonetheless.
Aapp is a simple and robust decoupled app that works with Drupal 8 and facilitates simple actions like imports and custom batch jobs that developers can expose to their customers.
This handy JavaScript app, developed for web agency, allows searching for contact using ajax without reloading the page.
DigitalOcean seems to become a killer hosting provider with it's cheap, powerful, and stable hosting solutions, and it does not intend to stop. (This is not shilling).
2017 is practically over. I am sitting with the family, thinking about the old year and the new. It has been an interesting year for me as a web developer. Here are my top points (very subjective, of course), written down below.