Drupal 8

12 Mar 2018

aApp Drupal 8 AJAX Application

Aapp is a simple and robust decoupled app that works with Drupal 8 and facilitates simple actions like imports and custom batch jobs that developers can expose to their customers.
4 Mar 2018

Drupal 8 is Great for Web Apps

This handy JavaScript app, developed for arocom.de web agency, allows searching for contact using ajax without reloading the page.
16 Oct 2017

Minimize Expenses with Drupal 8

Development and maintenance times for Drupal 8 can be strongly optimized, saving 20% or even 30% development cost for smaller websites thanks to using the tools wisely and using ready-built distros for lower start.
10 Oct 2017

Why Drupal 8 is not for Small Websites

Now it has happened. In his DrupalCon Vienna keynote presentation, Dries Buytaert, the Drupal trademark owner, has announced, that “Drupal is no longer for small websites.” I am pissed. He should not have said that.